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Please pray for these friends and acquaintances in their situations.
A friend whose unborn grandchild may well die before birth, if not soon after, from serious heart defects.
A young woman who will be on bedrest for the rest of her pregnancy because at 21 weeks she is already 5 cm. Pray that she will be on bedrest for a long time, not a short one!
This young woman who is now homeless.

Small world department

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I went up to Maine for a regional LLL conference and to meet up with one of my comment box regulars. It was great fun and a wonderful antidote to the discouragement I often feel dealing with my usual run of patients. Anyhow, it turns out that a person I saw at the conference was attended in birth by one of my former midwifery students (doing her apprenticeship) and another mama was attended by another of my friends.
It is so fun to say "Tell her hello from me!"
It is also wonderful to see so many babies and toddlers peeking out from within their slings - and to see little girls and boys carrying baby dolls in miniature slings!

CDC - get a clue

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from my inbox, what do you all think? alicia
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Apparently sick mothers are supposed to WEAR A MASK while nursing their babies?

Check it out:

I guess bottle-feeding has some magical property that prevents you from transmitting germs. Also, no germs are passed during playing, cuddling, and changing diapers. Idjits. :-b

Could you PLEASE ask every human being on earth to write to the CDC
here and tell them to get their heads out of their keisters?


17 deaths linked to contraceptive

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Patch no safer than the pill
The Pill kills 0.3 to 1.9 women in every 100,000 users ages 15 to 29. (Statistic can be found in drug company literature).

Elena's great news


please pray for her!

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