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blegging for a midwife friend of mine

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I have known the person writing below for many years. She practices primarily among the Amish but also has clients among the 'English' as well. I know her to be compassionate, competent, and and excellent teacher. She and I were both able to present talks together at a conference in 2000 and it was a great pleasure. I sent one of my midwifery students to her for an apprenticeship and had nothing but positive feedback. I pray that the events she describes below will lead to good outcomes in the long run, and that her suffering will not go to waste.

why I don't watch ER anymore

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So, who saw ER? on Amy's blog.

It's bad enough dealing with some of this guano IRL, I'm not at all entertained by it on the small screen.

However, my vote for the worst ER episode of all time is "Love's Labor Lost". Unreal and more unreal.

About time!

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Virginia midwives gain legal footing

this refers to direct entry midwives, who primarily practice in the home or in a birth center. CNMs, who have a bigger lobby, were able to secure legal status much earlier. I am very thankful that my sister CNMs in Virgina worked collaberatively on this effort.

I am writing to request prayers. About two years ago, I had to have fibroid (non-cancerous) tumors removed from my uterus. My OB-GYN assured me I'd be able to have children when the time came, perhaps with some difficulty, and with the caveat they be delivered by C-section as my uterus lost some of its strength and muscle mass during the operation (hence the potential difficulty conceiving).

My now-husband supported me throughout this operation (we were only dating then) and we were married in late 2005. Now, we have reason to believe we're pregnant. After asking the intercession of St. Gerard and many prayers to God, we hope to have our first child in the late summer of this year. The prospect overjoys us both.

At home tests have been inconclusive, but my OB-GYN's nurse practioner thinks it might be too early, that I may have ovulated and conceived later than my slightly unsteady cycle usually is supposed to, and wants to wait until my appointment next week to take another test and see if we are, in fact, expecting. It is a glimmer of hope in uncharted territory for us.

Please pray that we are pregnant and for a safe, healthy delivery and child.

Thank you.



My British midwife friend wrote to me and many others, and I thought it important enough to share with all of you. I was fortunate enough to have lunch with her a couple of years ago as she was traveling through my part of the world. Her letter follows.
I have some news to share. Sorry if you are a list member who has no idea who I am! I have decided to going out to Indonesia to work with Robin Lim. Ibu Robin is better known in the USA as the author of After the Birth- a Woman's way to Wellness.' and she has been in Bali, Indonesia for years.

A year ago today ,a couple of midwives from the clinic in Bali which is called Bumi Sehat, hopped on a plane to Aceh and have been working there ever since.they have moved from a tent to a makeshift hut but conditions are very primitive and the popluation still traumatised.

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