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The power of the human mind


The Examining Room of Dr. Charles: If Only for Seeds of Barley

I have yet to encouter this diagnosis quite that dramatically, but it isn't as uncommon as one might think. In a world where we assume that we have infinite control over our reproductive processes, it is humbling to be reminded that we don't have all the answers.

update on situation


and thank you St Gianna and all my readers who prayed about this

Thank you so much for your prayers for my sister-in-law. Her test results came back today and it looks like it is not leukemia after all, but that the abnormal blood readings were caused by her pregnancy. In the meantime the diagnostic ultrasounds shows that it is probably a girl. Your prayers and those of St. Gianna were certainly helpful in getting through the waiting and in such a good result!

In Christ,




are some of my favorite people


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CNN broadcast a five-minute segment on NFP Friday evening.

Kudos go to Sara Butler and Bob Nardo, who did a phenomenal job advocating for our way of life.

You can download a video of the broadcast in QuickTime format at:
(17.7 MB file)
(6.9 MB file)

If you don't have QuickTime, you can get it for free.

Please note that you may need to wait a short while for the video clip to load before you can start viewing it.

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