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"safe" medical abortion?

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Pregnant teen dies after being given RU-486 (mifeprostone).
May God have mercy on her soul, and may her family find comfort. And may those who murdered her and her unborn child either find repentance or rot in Hell!

A Historical Comparison
is an extremely interesting and scholarly paper. Among other things, it compares the spirituality of couples using calendar rhythmn in the 1960s with those using 'modern NFP' (in this case the Billings Ovulation Method).
Other papers of interest can be found at University Faculty for Life.

Ethics and etzev

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I am not a professional ethicist, but in my line of work I encounter various ethical questions. As part of my MS in Nursing studies, I took an elective class on medical ethics, and I have presented talks on "midwifery, ethics, and the law" in a few settings. I have tried to educate myself in the field, because many of the questions I encounter are not well-covered in the standard books.
My initial training in medical ethics was strongly influenced by situation ethics, and it has been only gradually that I have come to realize just how pervasive this misapplication of ethical thinking really is.

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