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Is this good or bad?

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Consensus emerging on universal healthcare
One of my concerns about universal health care is that it might force providers to act against their conscience and/or force taxpayers to fund procedures that they find personally abhorrent. Another concern is that a medical bureaucracy might decide to not fund certain classes of provider (midwives, nurse-practitioners, chiropractors, dentists, optometrists, osteopaths) due to pressure from the AMA and other health care unions. Will parents be forced to immunize their children to protect the herd? (I am not saying that immunizations are bad, here, but rather looking at the parent's 'freedom of choice'?). Will the Amish and other plain communities be forced to buy into commercial health insurance? Lots of questions, no clear answers. On the other hand, our current system is not very functional either. Very few persons are paid well enough or have sufficient savings to pay for routine health care, let alone a hospitalization for a major illness or a complicated childbirth or an accidental injury. And since for the last 50 years we have focused, as a culture, on high tech specialty care rather than high touch primary care, health and illness care costs have spiraled out of control. I just don't know.

I do hope and pray that whatever changes there are will help persons like my patient who was just told that her insurance won't cover care from a midwife. No matter that I am certified, licensed, work within the system and have hospital privileges. Midwives as a class are categorically excluded. And it is perfectly legal.

Faith and Life, life and death


A Catholic Birth Center

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Guaranteed Healthcare ?


kindred spirit


wouldn't this be wonderful?


The Birth Plan From Hell

I am not opposed to the concept of developing a birth plan, as it can help families sort out what their priorities are and can help them communicate these priorities. In a typical birth, there are lots of choices that can be made on the spot, too. But I don't think that anyone likes to feel hamstrung by unreasonable demands. Of course, my idea of an unreasonable demand could be very different from yours....
I don't think that moms in labor should be starved or strapped down - but there are circumstance where that is what seems to be needed (rare, but real). Say a mom who is bleeding a lot and it's a toss up cesarean vs normal birth.....

midwifery in iowa


1950s childbirth education

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Not without inaccuracy but generally OK


Why I do what I do

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This baby's mom brought me flowers, too. And she did all the work!

ob travel nurse


Baby’s Bliss Gripe Water recall


FDA Warns Consumers about the Risk of Cryptosporidium Illness from Baby’s Bliss Gripe Water

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning consumers not to consume Baby’s Bliss Gripe Water, apple flavor, with a code of 26952V and expiration date of October 2008 (shown as “10/08” on the label), distributed by MOM Enterprises, Inc., of San Rafael, Calif. FDA confirmed through laboratory analysis the presence of cryptosporidium after investigating the illness of a 6-week-old infant in Minnesota who consumed the product. Cryptosporidium is a parasite that can cause intestinal infections.

The most common symptom of infection is watery diarrhea. Other symptoms can include dehydration, weight loss, stomach cramps or pain, fever, nausea and vomiting. Symptoms generally begin two to ten days after becoming infected with the parasite and generally last one to two weeks. While most people with healthy immune systems will recover without treatment, the infection could be serious or life-threatening for certain individuals. Infants, children and pregnant women are susceptible to dehydration resulting from diarrhea, which can be life-threatening. Individuals with weakened immune systems are also at risk for a more serious and life-threatening form of illness.

Parents of children who have recently consumed Baby’s Bliss Gripe Water, apple flavor, and have these symptoms should seek immediate medical attention. Parents and caregivers who have given this product to their infants and children should be alert for diarrhea and other signs of Cryptosporidium infection.

Approximately 17,600 bottles of the product were distributed nationwide in retail stores and sold over the Internet between November 2006 and September 2007. A code of 26952V with an expiration date of 10/08 appears on the bottle’s carton. The product is sold in a four-ounce plastic bottle packaged inside of a cardboard carton which is labeled with the following: Baby’s Bliss. Pediatrician Recommended Gripe Water. Apple Flavor. An herbal supplement used to ease the gas and stomach discomfort often associated with colic, hiccups, and teething. Dietary Supplement. 4 fl. ozs. (120 ml). Ginger Extract. Fennel Extract. Other ingredients: Deionized Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Fructose, Natural apple flavor, Citric acid, Bioflavonoid Extract, and Grapefruit Seed Extract. Distributed by: MOM Enterprises, Inc., San Rafael, CA 94903 USA. FDA advises consumers to throw away bottles of the product described above that they have in their possession.

MOM Enterprises, Inc. is fully cooperating with FDA’s investigation into the cause of the contamination and is recalling all potentially contaminated products. FDA continues to investigate and will provide updates as more information becomes available. Consumers can call the FDA at 1-888-723-3366.


brother - in - law update

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He is still in the hospital but they have not needed to do major surgery - the conservative treatment and prayers seem to be doing the trick. Still don't know what the organism is yet - should have the culture results sometime today.
Thanks for all the prayers.

What, no cesarean?

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Shrimp boat captain earns midwife wings
The thing that really bothers me is that they bottle fed this baby!!!!

tears in my eyes

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Navelgazing Midwife: A Birth Unfolds in Photos
warning - graphic photos and some language issues



How True!


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