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please pray for him


Pansy and Peony: For My Father

popping up very quickly to put in this bleg
with luck will have a 5 generation picture to post next week!

more stress

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My brother in law is home now and getting home nursing care. The ultimate diagnosis was MRSA. He is doing a lot better.

Emma is back in the hospital for at least overnight observation. She was vaccinated on Friday with Pediarix and an oral Rotavirus vaccine. She started to run a fever Sunday afternoon and spiked today despite tylenol. She saw her neurosurgeon, her pediatrician, and was then sent to the ED at the Children's hospital, where they did a CT scan and tapped her shunt. The fluid was clear but they are going to keep her overnight for observation and repeat blood tests in the morning.

I am exhausted but I think of how much more exhausted Jess must be, and so too my youngest daughter B who has been helping Jess out since just before Emma's birth. I am also experiencing some guilt that I have been begging prayers from my loyal readers and not giving you any real content, but such is life right now. Soon, eventually, I will try to focus my energies to pull it together. I have had some great ideas but life trumps blog, anyday. I am faced with 2500 unread messages in my inbox and I have been scanning it and only answering personal and urgent stuff - so if you have written to me about something and haven't gotten an answer, just write me again and put something compelling in the subject line so that I will know it is one of you folks!
Will update when I can.

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