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We are on vacation in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We've had this time share for several years, but were never able to use it while we still lived in NH - but now that we have moved away, we can both take vacation at the same time and travel back. Even though we will have family events that will use all out available vacation time this year, we decided to take the plunge and come here. So far, so good. Yesterday we rode the cog railway to the top of Mt. Washington.

Traveling with a vegetarian teenager can be challenging, but one of the nice things about a time share is that it has a kitchen. Last night we made a very nice spaghetti with vegetables in tomato sauce, accompanied by a ciabatta with pesto. A little high carb, but healthy carbs and good olive oil as well.

I have been very busy lately (I've attended more that 60 births since my move to IL) , and haven't been keeping up with all the items that I wanted to post. And then, after time goes by, I wonder if it is really worth it to comment on matters that have become essentially old news. For example, I had the list of music we did for Holy Week and Easter, and I had a few things that I wanted to say - but now we are past Ascension and headed towards Pentecost. Or the things I wanted to say just after Mother's day, about my daughter's baby shower and the Mass we attended at the Cathedral parish in Memphis TN. Where did those thoughts go?

The best I have been able to do is to make occasional short comments on a very few news items as they cross my path. I miss having the luxury of time to write - that has been a real downside to me of what has otherwise been a good move. If you miss me, you might pray that we are able to find the two more midwives and two more physicians that our practice is seeking to hire.

Meanwhile, I intend to enjoy my vacation.

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