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We've unpacked a few more boxes and have now gone to two different Sunday Masses at our new parish. Our realtor stopped by yesterday to see how we were settling in. We're finding out just how hard well water can be, and are seriously looking into a softening system. I don't like my tea to precipitate out! so I have been buying bottled water to make tea with for the time being. Even the Pur filter doesn't touch it.
Otherwise, there is a lot to say but not a lot of time to say it in.

by the way

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those of you who told me I'd
love the midwest - you were all right
let me know if you want an invite to my housewarming
i don't know when it will be
sometime after the boxes get unpacked

a cat story about the trip

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We got on the road fairly late in the morning of Saturday September 9. It was a strange feeling to drive away from the house, knowing that is was no longer home and that as yet, we really didn't have a new home established. The two black cats, Allie and Gary, were fairly sedate in their carriers - Allie from drugs and Gary from I think sheer panic. Hazmat, the orange tiger kitty, had been given a sedative but it didn't seem to touch him. He managed to claw a hole in the cheap canvas mesh carrier that had been used for trips to the vet, so we stopped at PetCo and bought a Sherpa brand carrier, rated for airline travel, to put him in. A couple of hours into the trip, he managed to tear a small hole in that and I had to pull over to the side of the road when he decided to jump onto my lap. We closed the flap over that mesh panel and pushed it up against the back of the seat and he settled down and went to sleep.

We stopped at the Divine Mercy Shrine and took turns going in so that one of us was near the car to be sure that the cats were OK. We then proceeded to drive to Albany and checked in to the motel and let the cats out to use the litter box etc. We were able to leave them in the room to go get dinner.

The next morning, we loaded up the cats again and headed to the North American Martyrs shrine to meet up the NY Moss family for Mass and brunch. It was cool and quiet enough that we were comfortable leaving the cats in the cars for mass, but when we got out again, Allie's carrier was empty and the top zipper was partially unzipped. The little critter had figured out how to rub against it and get it to open. I found her under the driver's seat and got her resituated in her carrier, and off we went to brunch. The cats behaved fairly well while we were at brunch - they snoozed in their carriers in the car - and we thought that we were going to be OK.
John had Allie with him in his car, while I had the two boy kitties with me. Somewhere between Auriesville and Syracuse, Haz went ballistic and tore two more holes in the carrier. We pulled off the interstate several times to try to figure out how to deal with the situation. He has a collar and I had a leash but he slipped the collar and wanted to get up to the highest point in the car, which happens to be the dashboard. Not a safe situation at all. At one point, I was driving one handedly with the other one holding the cat and praying like crazy - John eventually called our daughter in Memphis on his cell phone and asked her to get on line and find us the closest PetCo or Petsmart or anything, and I followed John off the road right into the parking lot of a PetCo in Syracuse. I was a bundle of frayed nerves.

Let me tell you, the folks at PetCo were awesome. We went in intending to buy a hard plastic/steel kennel (suitable for a medium doggie) because John had the idea that Haz was freaking out because of claustrophobia. I insisted that we should take in the Sherpa carrier just to show the folks at PetCo what one determined 10 pound runt of a cat could do in less than 24 hours. I could not lay hands on the receipt, but they ran my PetCo P.A.L.S. card and gave us a full refund for the Sherpa carrier - which basically covered the cost of the kennel.

John was right. Haz did much better in a carrier with headroom. He still complained a lot, but he eventually settled down and the rest of the trip went much more smoothly.

Oh, and we quit giving the kitties the tranquilizers, and they were actually calmer. Go fig.

prayers please

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we start our new jobs tomorrow
a friend of mine had an important court hearing friday and is awaiting the results
our NH house is still unsold
pray that a family member will be able to find affordable housing soon on a very tight budget
a fellow midwife is in turmoil about a birth situation
thanksgiving for a semi-miracle that happened yesterday
thanksgiving that so far there have only been a few broken dishes or other casualties of the move

computer problems

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more later
we've barely moved in

we're here (well, almost)

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We have arrived in our new hometown and are staying at a hotel with internet. YEAH!!!! Motel 6 is great for traveling with 4 legged family members, and a good value as well. But no internet access. We close on the house tomorrow, and then we will start moving in. Our household goods are scheduled to be delivered Thursday.
I will soon try to find the time to blog more details, such as how a 10 pound runt of a cat shredded an airline rated soft carrier. Or how much fun it was to meet up with fellow blogger Pansy Moss and her family for Mass and breakfast. And of course, comments about Niagara Falls which I finally saw for the first time in my life, as well as hopefully a restaurant review about one we found more or less by accident. More later.

take the long way home

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We will be hitting the road tomorrow, headed west. The house in NH is still unsold, and no one has even been by to view it for over a week.
We are heading by way of Stockbridge MA (Divine Mercy Shrine) and Auriesville NY (North American Martyrs) and hope to connect with at least on blogger on the way. Will probably not be connected again to the internet until late next week. We close on our new home next Wed and start our new jobs the following Monday.

The cats are totally baffled. They have actually been retreating to their carriers voluntarily and napping in them. I hope that this means that they will not be quite as combative when we load them up tomorrow morning.

Our household goods just hit the road in the back of an ABF U-Pack truck. 22 linear feet packed tighter than sardines. Pray for good travels for them and for us.

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