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it never rains but it pours???

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The house is on the market - let me know if you want me to link to the listing. We've had one person through already.
I'm still assembling the pile of documentation that my new state requires for licensure. What a headache! Thankfully, the office manager at my new practice is helping me a lot to pull it all together.
We have half our garage packed with boxes to go. Mostly books and bookshelves. I took a carful of books to the used book store over the weekend - I'm waiting to hear from the owner as to what he can use. I have 6 boxes of children's books that are waiting for their new owner to pick them up.
It has been hot here. Very hot. Very sticky. We don't have air conditioning. I have some painting I need to do but the weather isn't co-operating. Yesterday when I was on call, no one remembered to pick up the vegetables from the CSA. I am so bummed. I am hot, sticky, tired and hungry and I can't seem to think of what to make for a very late dinner tonight.
I got an email from one of my old friends in Los Angeles. Her mom is dying as far as can be determined. My friend has spent much of the last few years spending every day seeing that her mom was fed, cared for, and able to stay in her own home. She has shared that work with her sister. Both of these ladies have many other things to do, but they have shaped their lives around helping their mom as mom had once helped them. And now that time is coming to an end.
I got a phone call from my sister yesterday, too. My dad is back in the hospital, and a further amputation was scheduled for this morning. I know that I need to call and hear the news, and find out just how high up they had to cut, but I'm afraid. Diabetes is a nasty disease. Piece by piece, it robs you of life. It's a case where the absence of pain is a curse, not a blessing. People with diabetes can injure their feet and get horrible infections and not even know it because the nerves have died from sugar poisoning. (and yes, that is a medical oversimplification but bear with me - I'm not in the mood to be my usually precise and accurate self here).
It's time for me to put into practice some advice that Julie D passed on - something about smiling when you feel under spiritual attack, because that way the devil will think that you are not suffering and will leave you alone. I think it was Julie D. If it was some one else, speak up and I'll correct the attribution. I haven't had the time to read my usual blogs and I am currently looking at 300 unread emails in my inbox and the only stuff that I am actually reading are the ones from people I actually have a relationship with who are writing to me personally. My listservs are getting totally ignored.

And did I mention that I had a horrible day at work earlier this week? I can't give details (confidentiality and all that) but I ended up sending several pregnant ladies to the hospital with bad complications that involved having to turn their care totally over to the high risk specialists. And a favorite patient of mine, her baby flipped from head down to breech at the last minute and snagged his bag of waters on the way past, so that we couldn't turn him the right way. So, she ended up with a cesarean after many normal births. Not the worst thing in the world, but still a disappointment for both her and me.
I think that it is time for me to go downstairs and try to scrounge dinner.

why I have been scarce lately

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I have been waiting to make some news public. I sincerely hope that we've told all the right folks (especially the kids) first. Ever since my niece announced her wedding, after the fact, on her MySpace, I've tried to tell folks stuff individually first. But with a large and geographically scattered family, I am sure there is some one that I have forgotten. If so, my apologies.

We are in the throes of getting ready to move about 1000 miles away from New England. We're going to give the Midwest a try. I'm scheduled to start a new job in mid-September if the state licensing board can do their paperwork on schedule. Meanwhile, we are packing and cleaning and giving away tons of stuff, so we can put the house here on the market and sell it quickly.

So I will be very scarce for a while.

If you need me for some reason, personal email with an eye grabbing subject line is probably your best bet. Blog comments are emailed to me as well.

Thanks for all the prayers of support.

I'm not planning to abandon the blog!

photo fun


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Happy Independance Day!

one of the pictures

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