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We are down to one child at home, and she won't be home that much longer if events go according to her hopes and plans. She's a senior in High School, and is doing the college application process. I hadn't realized just how stressful it has become. I don't remember it being nearly this tough 14 years ago when our firstborn decided to go straight from High School to the university. It certainly wasn't all that stressfull for me back in the dark ages. I took the SAT once, scored what I considered to be a very respectful 1370, and got into the college I wanted right off the bat, despite a less than stellar GPA.

But my daughter and her peers seem to agonize over everything. I try to be supportive and to offer what help I can. But the kids are right. I just don't get it.

Anyhow, I'm asking all y'all for prayers for her (and for me, while I'm at it). In a couple of days, we're putting her on an airplane to fly to California for the open house/prospective student day at her current first choice school. Her big brother will pick her up at the airport and be her chauffeur and general moral support. Her godmother (aunt) will take her to the campus and be in loco parentis. It's a stressful event, and I'm feeling a little guilty that I'm not taking her, but there are lots of reasons (including last minute notice) why it didn't work out that way.

Those of you have done the college thing more recently (personally or with your kids), does it seem to be way out of proportion stressful? Any words of wisdom? Is there a patron saint for would be college students?

Of course, getting in to college is only the first challenge. There is also paying for it.....

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