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I think it was in the novel 1984 that language was used as a tool, through newspeak and doublespeak. I get very perturbed at the phrase "right to die". We all have the right to die, indeed the duty to die - what we don't have is the right to choose the circumstances and the timing for ourselves or for others. Normally, choosing the time and method for the death of another is considered murder, or at least manslaughter.
Over at Fathers Know Best, my dh has posted a few musings about legalism, TOTB, and Terri. I have a few vagrant thoughts of my own, but I probably won'tget them posted until much later, given that this is Holy Saturday which means 1) a long Mass tonight and 2) Easter (with food and all) tomorrow.

vocabulary maven time


Bob the Ape sent me to take The Commonly Confused Words Test.
It thinks I'm a genius.
If so, why can't I figure out how to fromat my posts so that the blockquote tags work properly?

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