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St Gianna, pray for her!


a prayer request from a reader (Carrie):
I know you often post prayer requests from readers, and wanted to ask your prayers for my sister-in-law, Rose. She is pregnant, due in early January, and as part of her blood-work the OB found possible symptoms of leukemia. She is having a bone-marrow biopsy this Wednesday, July 13 for diagnosis. They already have a 2-year-old daughter, and the prospect both of Rose's prognosis and the effect of the treatment on her unborn baby is very frightening for the family. Please pray for a good diagnosis and for grace for the family to wait patiently and to deal with the outcome. Thank you!
Here is a novena prayer to St. Gianna
GOD, our Father, you have granted to your church the gift of Gianna Beretta. In her youth she lovingly sought You and drew other young people to you, involving them, through apostolic and catholic action, in the care of the sick and the aged, to help and comfort them.

We thank you for the gift of this young woman, so deeply committted to you. Through her example grant us the grace to consecrate our life to your service, for the joy of our brothers and sisters.

Glory Be .....

JESUS, Redeemer of mankind, you called Gianna Beretta to exercise the medical profession as a mission for the comfort of bodies and souls. In her suffering fellowmen and in the little ones, deprived for all support, she saw you. We thank you for having revealed yourself to this your servant as "one who serves" and who soothes the sufferings of men. Treasuring her example may we become generous Christian at the service of our brothers and sister, especially of those with whom you deign to share your cross.

Glory Be....

God, SANCTIFYING SPIRIT, who love the Church as your Bride, you poured into the heart of Gianna Beretta a share of your love so that she could radiate it in her family, and thus cooperate with you in the wonderful plan of creation, and give life to new children who could know and love you.

We thank you for this model wife and, through her encouraging witness, we beg you to grant to our families the serene and Christian presence of motherd committed to transform into cenacles of faith and love, rich with generous activity and sanctifying service.

Glory Be....

O GOD, creator and lover of mankind, you were close to Gianna Beretta when, affected by illness, she was in the painful dilemma to choose between her own life and the life of the child whom she was carrying in herself, a gift long-awaited.

Trusting you alone, and aware of your commandment to respect human life, Gianna found the courage to do her duty as a mother and to say "Yes" to the new life of her baby, generously sacrificing her own. Through the intercession of Mary, Mother of Jesus, and after the example of Gianna, inspire all mother to welcome with love the sparkle of a new life. Help us all to have a great respect for human life.

Grant us the grace we want … and the joy to find and inspiration in you Servant Gianna who, as a model spouse and mother, after the example of Christ , gave up her life for the life of others.

Hail Mary…

fellow blogger needs prayers


and a kidney, too, if you have one to spare
I'm the wrong blood type or I'd offer her one of mine
(I'm O, I think that she is A)

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