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hopeful news

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I got an email from Nancy today with some hopeful news. Things are still very much touch and go, and they still don't have the resources to hire a private attorney, but it seems that her court ordered attorney has really been working hard the last week.

Most of the children are still in foster care in separate homes, though. And the courts are still not allowing any of them any contact with their father. Please keep praying.

If this entry seems vague, that is intentional. I do not want to do anything that might inadvertantly make things worse again. But do know that your prayers and pleadings have had an effect, and keep it up!

quis custodiet

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At Nancy's request, I have removed identifying information from previous posts to the best of my ability.
As Nancy has said to me several times, she has nothing to hide. However, she has been informed that any events involving juvenile court issues are considered confidential and that the posts by her daughter Naomi and others need to be edited or removed. I am honoring this request. However, as we all know, in the internet nothing is ever truly lost due to the automated caching functions.
I haven't given up trying to figure out how to help. But turning over the rocks and shining daylight doesn't seem to be helping much, if at all.
Keep praying, folks. Keep praying.


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I have been informed that I may be in violation of the following Arizona Statute.
I am not an attorney, I have no official standing in any CPS case, and I am not a resident of Arizona.
My question (and it is a serious one). What is the boundary between a family's information (that they are free to share with whomever they choose) and "CPS information"? How is "CPS information" defined?
I have a strong respect for confidentiality, it is a part of my personal and professional ethos.
I also have no intention to violate any law, even to the level of a misdemeanor, so I may end up taking down or editing some of my previous posts.

8-807. CPS information; public record; use; confidentiality; violation; classification; definitions

A. CPS information shall be maintained by the department as required by federal law as a condition of the allocation of federal monies to this state. All exceptions for the public release of CPS information shall be construed as openly as possible under federal law.

B. If there is a reasonable need for the CPS information, the department, or a person who receives CPS information pursuant to this subsection, shall provide CPS information to a federal agency, a state agency, a tribal agency, a county or municipal agency, a county attorney, a school, a community service provider, a contract service provider or any other person that is providing services pursuant to this chapter:

1. To meet its duties to provide for the safety, permanency and well-being of a child, provide services to a parent, guardian or custodian or provide services to family members to strengthen the family pursuant to this chapter.

2. To enforce or prosecute any violation involving child abuse or neglect, including provision of the CPS information to a defendant after a criminal charge has been filed.

C. The department shall disclose CPS information to a court, a party in a dependency or termination of parental rights proceeding or the party's attorney, the foster care review board or a court appointed special advocate for the purposes of and as prescribed in this title.

D. The department shall disclose CPS information to a domestic relations, family or conciliation court if the CPS information is necessary to promote the safety and well-being of children. The court shall notify the parties that it has received the CPS information.

E. A person or agent of a person who is the subject of CPS information shall have access to CPS information concerning that person.

F. The department:

1. May provide CPS information to confirm, clarify or correct information concerning an allegation or actual instance of child abuse or neglect that has been made public by sources outside the department.

2. May provide and, on request, shall provide summary information regarding a fatality or near fatality caused by abuse or neglect.

3. May provide CPS information to a person who is conducting bona fide research, the results of which might provide CPS information that is beneficial in improving child protective services.

4. May provide access to CPS information to the parent, guardian or custodian of a child if the CPS information is reasonably necessary to promote the safety, permanency and well-being of the child.

G. Access to CPS information in the central registry shall be provided as prescribed in section 8-804.

H. To provide oversight of child protective services, the department shall provide access to CPS information to the following persons, if the CPS information is reasonably necessary for the person to perform the person's official duties:

1. Federal or state auditors.

2. Persons conducting any accreditation deemed necessary by the department.

3. A standing committee of the legislature or a committee appointed by the president of the senate or the speaker of the house of representatives for purposes of conducting investigations related to the legislative oversight of the department of economic security. This information shall not be further disclosed.

4. A legislator who is responsible for oversight of the enabling or appropriating legislation to carry out these functions. This information shall not be further disclosed. To request a file pursuant to this paragraph:

(a) The legislator shall submit a written request for CPS information to the presiding officer of the body of which the state legislator is a member. The request shall state the name of the person whose case file is to be reviewed and any other information that will assist the department in locating the file. The request shall also include the office of the department at which the legislator wants to review the file.

(b) The presiding officer shall forward the request to the department within five working days of the receipt of the request.

(c) The department shall make the necessary arrangements for the legislator to review the file at an office of the department, chosen by the legislator, within ten working days.

(d) The legislator shall sign a form, before reviewing the file, that outlines the confidentiality laws governing child protective services files and penalties for further release of the information.

5. A citizen review panel as prescribed by federal law, a child fatality review team as provided in title 36, chapter 35 and the office of ombudsman-citizen's aide.

I. A person who is not specifically authorized by this section to obtain CPS information may petition a judge of the superior court to order the department to release that CPS information. The court shall balance the rights of the parties entitled to confidentiality pursuant to this section against the rights of the parties seeking release of the CPS information. The court may release otherwise confidential CPS information only if the rights of the parties seeking the CPS information and any benefits from releasing the CPS information sought outweigh the rights of the parties entitled to confidentiality and any harm that may result from releasing the CPS information sought.

J. Except as provided in subsection K of this section, before it releases records under this section, the department shall take whatever precautions it determines are reasonably necessary to protect the identity and safety of a person who reports child abuse or neglect and to protect any other person if the department believes that disclosure of the CPS information would be likely to endanger the life or safety of the person. The department is not required by this section to disclose CPS information if the disclosure would compromise the integrity of a child protective services or criminal investigation.

K. A person who is the subject of an unfounded report or complaint made pursuant to this chapter and who believes that the report or complaint was made in bad faith or with malicious intent may petition a judge of the superior court to order the department to release the CPS information. The petition shall specifically set forth reasons supporting the person's belief that the report or complaint was made in bad faith or with malicious intent. The court shall review the CPS information in camera and the person filing the petition shall be allowed to present evidence in support of the petition. If the court determines that there is a reasonable question of fact as to whether the report or complaint was made in bad faith or with malicious intent and that disclosure of the identity of the person making the report or complaint would not be likely to endanger the life or safety of the person making the report or complaint, it shall provide a copy of the CPS information to the person filing the petition and the original CPS information is subject to discovery in a subsequent civil action regarding the making of the report or complaint.

L. The department shall provide the person who conducts a forensic medical evaluation with any records the person requests, including social history and family history regarding the child, the child's siblings and the child's parents or guardians.

M. The department shall provide CPS information on request to a prospective adoptive parent, foster parent or guardian, if the information concerns a child the prospective adoptive parent, foster parent or guardian seeks to adopt or provide care for.

N. If the department receives information that is confidential by law, the department shall maintain the confidentiality of the information as prescribed in the applicable law.

O. A person may authorize the release of CPS information about the person but may not waive the confidentiality of CPS information concerning any other person.

P. The department may provide a summary of the outcome of a child protective services investigation to the person who reported the suspected child abuse or neglect.

Q. The department shall adopt rules to facilitate the accessibility of CPS information.

R. The department may charge a fee for copying costs required to prepare CPS information for release pursuant to this section.

S. A person who violates this section is guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor.

T. For the purposes of this section:

1. "CPS information" includes all information the department gathers during the course of a child protective services investigation conducted under this chapter from the time a file is opened and until it is closed. CPS information does not include information that is contained in child welfare agency licensing records.

2. "Near fatality" means an act that, as certified by a physician, places a child in serious or critical condition.


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How would you feel if a total stranger gave your child his first haircut without your permission, without your knowledge, and without even taking pictures?

today's update

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another email from nancy:
(why do some docs think that cows milk is better for human babies than human milk?)

Diane Sawyer reports on Foster Care
I won't be able to watch this tonight, but would appreciate any feedback from those of you who can watch it.
It looks as though it will take the approach that all kids who are in foster care are there because they don't have any alternatives other than being adopted out - and I don't know if there will be any honest examination of the biases of social workers regarding "christian fundamentalists" and other non-socially acceptable 'alternative lifestyles'.

reaching out

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This morning, on EWTN radio's show Women of Grace, they were talking about 'white martyrdom'. So I picked up the phone and called in to talk a bit about Nancy's situation. We now have prayers from at least some of the listeners.
I really hate talking on the phone, especially on the radio. I hope that I didn't sound too discombobulated.
If anyone wants to listen to it, the rerun will be between 0200 and 0300 EDT (o7 to 08 UTC) on Friday June 2. You can listen online via realaudio or windows media.

Pulled from the combox below

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Name: John C. S.
Email Address:

I am James' father. (Ref: James and Nancy
I just visited this site again today and found the posting by Alicia and the 3 other posts. I could not believe that any agency has the POWER to invade a person's home without a court order. This being Memorial Day weekend, it seems even more unbelievable.

Prayer for Nancy and her family

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St. Jude, the Church invokes you as the universal patron of things despaired of. Pray with us, blessed apostle, for Nancy and James Sandrock, and their beloved children. They need a lawyer to help them in their hour of great need. We pray that they find one, and that the truth of their plight be exposed. We implore you, St. Jude, to use your special place in heaven to help this family go on when their will and resources fail.

Archangel Michael, join us in this battle against the forces of darkness bent on destroying this family. Help them defend against all assaults, and to maintain their strength during the coming weeks. Defend the youngest and most innocent against any ill that might befall them.

Mother Mary, St. Joseph, go to the parents. Guide and comfort them, and help them expose the truth. Lend your protection and succor to them and their youngest especially. Keep them safe and warm in their parents stead.

We trust in the mercy of Christ, and pray in his name, Amen.

Way back when, I was originally planning to do a Novena to the Holy Spirit for the kids in our parish who will be confirmed on Pentecost. I am going to add special prayers for Nancy and her family to my novena. Please consider doing likewise.

I am not good at some of these practicalities. I will be the first to admit it. That is why I have been asking for help. If I were not 2600 miles away I might be able to be of more practical help.

Nancy's eldest daughter has posted a comment in the combox below with the latest update.
I'm worried a lot about Neil (the breastfed baby). I have seen pictures that were taken before CPS took him as well as pictures from when they got him back for that short time - with bruises and a black eye.
I really think that part of the dynamics here is a social convention that basically says that having more than 2 or 3 kids is in and of itself child abuse. Most states have laws that regulate foster homes by their physical plant more than any other criterion. For example, you have to have x square feet of bedroom space per child, no more than 2 children per bedroom, a bathroom for every x children etc. Most families with many children would not be able to meet these criteria. I grew up in a large family - as an Air Force brat until I was 14. There were many assignments where our housing was such that we had 3 or 4 kids in a bedroom - and sometimes 2 kids in a bed (at least for short periods).
And then let's talk about vaccinations. If you don't follow the state's guidelines for vaccination, you run the risk of being considered abusive or neglectful. I personally vaccinated my kids, but I know that there are many loving, thoughtful, and caring parents who do not choose to walk in lockstep with the advisory panels. Some are concerned about the fact that many vaccines have ingredients that, however remotely, derive from aborted fetal tissues (mostly collected in the 1960s). Others are concerned about the preservatives used. Still others are really worried about the long term health effects of directly challenging an infants immature immune system with so many different agents in such an unnatural way (through the muscles to the blood stream). They argue that our current epidemic in asthma, allergies, and auto-immune disorders are the long term effect of all these immunizations.
G.K. Chesterton had quite a lot to say about the 'nanny state' second guessing parental concern. You can read much of it in the compilation Brave New Family. Part Six is labeled "The Assassins of the Family". On page 221 of my edition, close to the end of part six, is the following quote:
One by one, the defences of our civilization are being broken down by a concentrated attack on the mind. Rome's barbarians were a menace on her borders; ours are also within the state. (Aug 30, 1930)
He earlier (page 219) had quoted a Church of England clergyman as saying:

If the State assumes the axiom that every child born has a claim upon the State for maintenance, then there must go along with that the claim on the part of the State to say whether a child should be born or not

And on page 266, in a bit about the King's Christmas address (Jan 3, 1935):
We that are Christians believe that the family has a divine sanction. But any reasonable pagan, if he will work it out, will discover that the family existed before the State and has prior rights; that the State exists only as a collection of families, and that its sole function is to safeguard the rights of each and all of them.
Chesterton was in Britain at a time when Nazis were winning hearts and minds on the continent. So he, not unreasonably, was sensitized to the abuses that the State could commit in the name of the greater good. He railed against the Nazi, the Communist, and the Capitalist with equal fervor, for all of them wanted to displace the family. All the -ists and -isms that have become a modern day idolatry are still alive and well and fighting against those who would prefer to defer to the natural law. It is to weep, and wail, and gnash the teeth, and ultimately to pray and to act.

general update

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Sixty-four teenagers from our parish (St John the Evangelist) are scheduled to be confirmed on Pentecost. I don't know how we were blessed enough to get the best possible ever date for that Sacrament, but I am tickled pink by it. Saturday was the day retreat for candidates and sponsors - as a first year teacher I didn't have to be there, but my husband is a second year teacher and our daughter is sponsoring one of her friends, so I was there as a general extra pair of hands.
One of the activities was to create a poster illustrating a theme - (loosely based on the works of mercy as far as I could tell)the kids were assigned the themes at random and then had a short time to snip pictures and words, add markers, etc. One poster, about helping friends, had pictures of beer bottles with a circle/slash (the universal NO symbol) as well as a drawing of a marijuana leaf with the circle slash and a pack of birth control pills with the circle slash. It also had positive messages about loving and trusting and walking with Jesus.
Then, Saturday evening we drove up to the Lakes Region of New Hampshire to hear the Lakes Region Symphony Orchestra perform. The conductor of this group is also the High School's music director and also the conductor of the Greater Manchester Youth Symphony. He graciously allowed our daughter to play with them as they were doing some of her favorite pieces - Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue and Beethoven's 7th Symphony. The performance was almost sold out and it was indeed a magnificent event. I'm waiting for the CD to arrive so that I can listen to it in the car during my commute.
The basement has continued to seep water, and John has continued to pump, vacuum, and blow air across it. He says that it is looking better. I've been afraid to go down there myself but I probably should.
The rhubarb plant is very happy after all the rain. I'm hoping to have a great harvest this year.
Meanwhile, my posts about my friend Nancy were picked up by Amy Welbornthis morning. I haven't had an update yet today, but I'll let you know if and when I hear anything more - good or bad news. Meanwhile, I had a really scary thought and I hope that it is just my hyperactive imagination acting up.

If you were a really savvy pedophile, where would be the safest and best place to hang out and get your fixes? Where would you be not only allowed to but expected to view child pornography, make kids talk about sexual stuff, and watch/read/report about their naked physical bodies? How about the child sexual crimes unit of any big police force? Does anyone know how they screen cops to prevent this from happening?

psalm 46


God, our refuge and our strength
The Lord is our refuge and our strength, a true help in our troubles.
Therefore we do not fear, even when the earth is shaken and mountains fall into the depths of the sea,
the waves roar and foam and rise up to shake the mountains.

The streams of the river give joy to the city of God, the holy dwelling-place of the Most High.
God is within it, it will not be shaken; God will give help as the day dawns.
The nations are in turmoil and kingdoms totter: at the sound of his voice, the earth flows like water.

The Lord of strength is with us, the God of Jacob is our refuge.
Come and see the works of the Lord, who has done wonders on the earth.
He puts an end to wars over all the world: he tramples the bow, shatters weapons, and burns the shields with fire.
Stop and see that I am God: I will be exalted among the nations, exalted on the earth.

The Lord of strength is with us, the God of Jacob is our refuge.

Keep praying

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Unless they delay it yet again, today is Nancy's hearing to try to get her children back. Prayer support is critical.

You will recall that I recently posted prayer requests for my good friend and fellow midwife Nancy. With her permission, I am posting more of what is involved in this situation.

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