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I got close to no sleep Wednesday night and ended up staying late Thursday AM to finish a very nice birth. Eldest daughter is in town from Memphis and we went to the Outlet Mall last night, and today we have further excursions planned. We still need to put the lights and ornaments on the tree but at least this way the cats can't destroy too much.
In other breaking news, my new dishwasher arrived yesterday and is installed.
I may post a few links from my email but it will probably be scarce on real content for yet a while.

last week of advent

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sorry I've been scarce - I will probably continue to be scarce until after Christmas. We are having a baby boomlet this month and I am way behind in my domestic chores as well. I will try to get to my emails reasonably fast so if you have a need, that is how to reach me.
I had really wanted to do something on the O antiphons, but O well...

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