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on the road again

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blogging from the lobby of the Best Western in Irondale Alabama.
It's been an intense few days of 'vacation'. Landed in Nashville Tuesday PM and drove down to Memphis to our daughter's house. Had dinner, slept there, then the next morning got in the car with her and proceeded to drive to Lexington Kentucky. Visited with my sister and her family, including my 91 y/o granma who was visiting from Southern California. Thursday night we had dinner at a working horse farm. My brother in law is a handicapper for the ponies. Friday morning left and drove back to Memphis, dropped daughter off for her job, got back in the car and drove through Mississippi to Alabama.

This morning we got up early and went to Mass at EWTN. I don't know if any of you watch it, but I was on the right side near the wall, wearing a pink dress and a white hat. We wandered around EWTN, then we drove out to Hanceville and visited the Shrine of the Blessed Sacrament. I highly recommend visiting there, it is truly awesome. Tomorrow we will go to Mass at EWTN - I'll be wearing a flowered dress and a white hat if you want to look for me on TV!
Then tomorrow it will be back to Memphis, dinner and spend the night with our daughter again. Monday back to Nashville, turn in the rental car, and fly back home.
end of travelogue. substantial content to follow.

Bene Diction Blogs On: Don't mess with Nature

Struck by lightning. scary.

homeschooling, anyone?


i'm still here

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busy time of year
delivered (this one was not an easy 'catch') a 5030 gm baby boy my last call night. that's 11 #, 2.5' for you non-metric types.
my arm is still sore from unhooking his rather stuck shoulder!
lots of thoughts but not much time to write them down.
Bill Frist lost my vote - and I'm currently a NH voter. mentally writing my letter to him.
thoughts about the news report on the hazards of the contraceptive patch, including an overhead phone conversation.
lots more stuff.
meanwhile, there are LOTS of good posts available in all the usual blogs.

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