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Friends of mine are moving to Charlotte NC in a couple of weeks. They are a young couple, both grads of FUS with two young sons. Faithful, observant, planning to home school. They have no family or friends in the area, aren't sure where they will be living, and could use both prayer and practical input. Send me email or leave comments and I will forward it to them.

prayer requests


For Mark in his personal situation
For this baby:
Date: May 20, 2005 Publication: The Telegraph (Nashua, NH)
A 2-year-old Nashua boy who nearly drowned earlier this week remains in stable condition at a Boston hospital, his father said. Josiah "Jo-Jo" Crosier was transported to St. Joseph Hospital in Nashua after his baby sitter found him floating face down and unconscious in a kiddy pool Tuesday morning.

The baby sitter is a patient of mine, she did CPR and probably saved the baby's life, and she asked me yesterday to put the baby on my prayer list.
In thanksgiving for a prayer answered most unexpectedly
For Father Sibley, that he will find the resources to finish his book and maybe reconsider his decision to stop blogging.
For the priest mentioned here and for all priests, that they may be strengthened in their vocation and supported by their communities.

Trinity Sunday


For some reason, during the homily, my mind kept wandering to an old Crosby Stills and Nash song - Helplessly Hoping. This section:

They are one person
They are two alone
They are three together
They are for each other

I do better during homilies when I take notes!

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