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early warning

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I will be in Washington DC in June for the ACNM annual meeting. Anyone who would like to try to meet up, let me know. WHile I am there, maybe I can visit this beautiful Eastern rite parish!

happy new year

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Well, I guess my malaise of the last week of the year was just a prodrome to what laid me low yesterday. I don't want to go into the details, but let me say that my nurses made me go home early from work on Friday New Year's Eve - I think they were afriad that I was going to pass out on them. Repeated comment "You look soooo pale!". Got home yesterday and basically passed out - cold sweats and hot flashes - if this was a pretaste of menopause I don't want it! Oh, well, maybe this will help me get started on losing some of the weight that has found me over the last several years. I think I have managed to consume maybe 400 calories the last 24 hours, mostly in clear liquids.
I will try to have some content worth reading sometime in the next few days. Meanwhile, I suggest checking out some of the other worthwhile blogs lited on the blogroll - or you could check out the Christian Carnival and the Catholic Carnival. ANd,. of course, Dawn always has pithy comments to make.
Me - I'm heading down to the kitchen to check on the soup. Beef barley from the last of the Christmas roast beef - hope it tastes as good as it sounded when I started in on it.

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