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true feminism

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Just got back from the annual high school pops concert. The orchestra, band, and chorus each performed several pieces. I was looking around and something interesting struck me.
When I was in secondary school, there was a strong sex discrimination in the instruments played in the schools. Girls were banned from the brass, the percussion, and the more bass of stringed instruments. It was rare to see a boy playing the flute, the oboe, or the clarinet.
That has changed. I, for one, am glad that in areas where it doesn't make a difference, both boys and girls can choose. I just wish that there wasn't the pressure to create false choice in areas where sex DOES make a difference.



to Reid McKee and his wife on the birth of their baby daughter.

thought provoking

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from Eutychus Fell: Becoming Catholic

Christians are told the truth and they just think it's hell

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