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I need help

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I have this wonderful PDA and an expansion card - I bought the card with the idea that I could put some books on it. I am totally lost about how to do that! I went to the Blackmask site and there are several books I want to read, but I don't know what I am doing there. Could some one who actually had put books into a Palm please walk me through the process? Thanks.

apologies to apologia

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Actually, there is nothing for which to apologize, but I couldn't think of a title for this post.
I had a wonderful visit this afternoon with Mr. Luse, in his ancestral abode in Orlando FL. The name plate beside the front door is that of his grandfather. He served me some fresh squeezed orange juice from his back yard tree, and we talked for a couple of hours about literature, religion, fruit trees, different climates, and who knows what all else. I have to say that he is as great a conversationalist in person as on-line. His students no doubt don't appreciate the gift he is to them.
eat your heart out, micki! (said with love!!!!!!!!)

hi there


I'm in Tampa FL blogging from a hotel room. I'm here for a seminar on bio-identical hormone replacement therapy with a bunch of compounding pharmacists. Looks to be lots of fun and learning. I am on the 11th floor of a lovely hotel and just had a very late dinner.
Thanks to all of you who commented on our anniversary and party. I really appreciate it.

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