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NH Primaries

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Well, the returns are in for more than 50% and it looks like Kerry is in first place. I had forgotten that our former governer, Jean Shaheen, was his campaign manager. Ms. Shaheen lost my support when she came out in favor of stem cell research ( a particularly vicious part of the culture of death, cannibalism taken to its seductive lows such that even Senator Hyde succumbed to the lure of the false promise).
I will say, once again, I have not voted for anyone near the front of the race.

no news yet

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on my licensing stuff. I will go by the State Police Monday to see if there is any way to expedite the criminal background check. I somehow doubt it, being that this is a democracy and you aren't supposed to be able to get special treatment from bureaucrats just because it will totally screw up your ability to work without it!
On another (political) note - I am still clueless as to how I will vote in the Democratic primary election. I will entertain any thoughtful comments or suggestions that you all may care to leave in the box. I am pretty sure that I won't vote for Dean or Kucenich, and that is as far as I have gotten.
Update: The Board of Nursing has been extremely unhelpful. They stamped my application in on 12/23 - they just sent me back a letter (dated 1/7!) that they are returning my application for the criminal background check because it has to go directly to the State Police. So in a few minutes, that is where I will be headed - directly to the State Police.
I will probably be off without pay for at least a week. I might be able to persuade them to pay me for the two days this week I am on Jury duty.

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