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My pirate name is:

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Captain Anne Cash
Even though there's no legal rank on a pirate ship, everyone recognizes you're the one in charge. You're musical, and you've got a certain style if not flair. You'll do just fine. Arr!
find your pirate name


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Nicholas Wilton - Sacred Choral Music sung by Magnificat - Catholic Music.co.uk
is a site for which I was sent a link. Have any of you had any experience with this?
On another note, my husband is a great fan of Fulton Sheen. There is available an MP3 with 50 of his talks on it.
My (stupid?) question is - how does one listen to MP3 stuff?

totally unscientific


but fun quiz
Link from Kathy who got it from Zorak.
my results:
The Net
The Net reaches out to the world and pulls in experiences of all forms and kinds.

Better than Friday Five

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In the bag
(link via Erik)

Time again for "In the Bag," the game that challenges you to put aside pride and admit what art you really like. The rules: you can put any five works of art into your bag before departing for a desert island, but you have to choose right now.


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Catholic mom blog is Scattershot Direct. Found via Davey's mommy.
Click here for a good description of the way I've been feeling at work lately.



Mr. Cash, the man in black. He was a whirlwind in a thorn tree.



I had plans to post a bit about 9-11-01 and what I was doing then. I had thoughts about continuing some previous topics. But today was not a good day at work, at all, and tonight we have been helping our (almost)20 y/o daughter pack up her stuff as she moves out (yet again). Blogging will have to wait.

RIP -please pray for his soul

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Warren Zevon finally succumbed to the cancer that he was diagnosed with just over a year ago. His final album, "The Wind" has just been released. The excerpts I have heard have been excellent.
The LA Times obit states:
Zevon died Sunday afternoon at his home in Los Angeles, according to his manager Irving Azoff, who said that the singer had been "very upbeat" in the past week due to the success of his new album and the recent birth of twin grandchildren. "He was in a good place."
According to an interview with VH-1, Zevon considered himself Christian, and credited writer Graham Greene with some influence.

Recent search terms

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I don't seem to get the same weird search terms that some others do, but here are a few that have ended up at Fructus Ventris.
catholic teaching on ectopic pregnancies, female saints, "Meyers Brigg" INTP, entopic pregnancy, thirty friends, crisis magazine,midwife outfit, mercury poisining, "epidural before labor", killer sharks, circumcision 8th day, "Multitudes are marching", death bed conversions, characteristics of introverted people, "being a midwife"
One could almost make a poem of this.
Entopic pregnancy, BTW, is a pregnancy in the right place (as opposed to ectopic, out of place).

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