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Guest Post - on marriage

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This is reprinted with permission from the author, who goes by Daniel J. Dick. Please feel free to email him at dan(at)nodivorces(dot)com
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This is a battle, and there is more of a battle than what you or I see. Some of this is the battle for control over our spirits and our souls. Some of this battle is to force you and me to give our faith to pessimism, negativity, sin, hatred, bitterness, and everyone of Satan's servants who sometimes come in godly clothing. The devil does not always come with horns and a pitch fork. That's mostly just a distraction.

been there, done that

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Why are taxes high?

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one possibility - modern day Manicheanism
My husband and I have been talking over this topic for a while now, especially in light of the current discussion in the US about Social Security funding.
Both my parents retired about 20 years ago, at around the age of 55. They are both (each) currently the prime caretaker for their mothers (one 90, one 84). We will probably need to work until we are in our 70s if not longer. I don't think we are alone in this.

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