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Answers for the Lowly Pilgrim

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1. How did the name of the blog come to be?
I'm a midwife. It is not just an occupation, it is a profession (as in "I profess") and a vocation. My first vocation was and is marriage and motherhood, but midwifery is an extension of that. Fructus ventris (fruit of the womb) is from the latin for the Hail Mary.

2. Why Magnificat on your blog?

KTC's answers

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(I pulled this out of the comments box below)
Okay! Here goes:

1)It is obvious that Carmelite spirituality is very important to your life. How and when was it first introduced to you?

I first realized what true mysticism was in 1991, after a post-partum depression and subsequent disillusionment with the "if you can't obey the Word and feel joyful, then you must have a rebellious heart" attitude of my evangelical protestant church.

I was scanning the religion shelves of the public library one day and came upon the title Ecstatic Confessions, ed. by Martin Buber. Being nosy, I checked it out!

To that point, I'd always associated "mysticism" with new age types or the guru in Nepal--I didn't have any idea that it was RELEVANT to any Christian's actual prayer life. Mysticism, as it turned out, was simply love talk between God and His people: between the Lover and His beloved!

Crystal checks in.


Still Building Zion has Crystal's answers up. Thanks, kiddo, for such thoughtful and honest comments.

interview meme

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I am finding this interview meme to be much more fruitful than the random quiz one, albeit a bit more difficult.
If anyone wants to interview me, please feel free to post the questions on your blog and send me an email letting me know. I will answer as time provides and to the limits of what I am comfortable sharing. You have all been wonderful with your answers and it is humbling to know just what differing and beautiful charisms are found in our virtual parish.

Tom answers


The Lowly Pilgrim has posted his answers to the interview.


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This is the final set of questions for now - thanks to all of you for your lively interest. I am hoping tomorrow to have a set of reflections on some other stuff. Kathy the Carmelite is the most recent person requesting an interview. Here we go!
1) It is obvious that Carmelite spirituality is very important to your life. How and when was it first introduced to you?
2) Like so many bloggers, you seem to juggle family committments, work in and out of the house, a life of prayer and reflection, and blogging. How does blogging help with the other parts of your life?
3) Have you had the chance to meet other bloggers 'in real life' after becoming virtually acquainted? Is this something you would recommend to others or would like to do?
4) What are some things that would make you say,"This is an ideal parish for me and my family."?
5) Any thoughts on who might next fill the shoes of the fisherman? Are there any Carmelites who might be papabile?

questions for Crystal

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1) From your blog title, I would guess that part of your calling is to help build the Kingdom. Do you have any ideas on how this came about?
2) For those who are clueless, could you share a little bit about One Rock magazine?
3) Your faith journey seems to have taken some interesting detours. Could you share something that pulled you away from the Catholic church, and something that pulled you back?
4) My generation (boomers) seems to have betrayed your generation in many ways. Is there a particular issue for which I could ask your forgiveness? How can we make reparation?
5) Do you have any thoughts about who should be the next Pope, or what qualities you think the Holy Spirit will look for?

More questions

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Tom was the next person who sent me an email requesting interview questions. Here they are. As below, I will put up a link to his answers when he posts them at his blog.
Do remember that part of the conversation is to offer to interview others as well, if you can. I am finding that it is an interesting challenge to write good and personalized questions.
1) Your blog's name is "The Lowly Pilgrim - a walk in the desert". What (besides the Holy Spirit) inspired you to choose this image and identity?
2) Your blog motto is "Dominus Illuminatio Mea". How did you find this phrase, and in what ways is your blog a fulfillment of this motto?
3) It would seem that you see your life and faith as a journey. Could you share a significant step along that path?
4) Do you see blogging as a vocation, an avocation, or something else? What prompted you to start blogging?
5) Who would you like to see as the next pope?

Erik's Interview questions and Answers


can be found here.
More questions coming up soon - I have pending interview requests from at least 4 corners of the blogosphere.

First Interview set

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Erik was the first to put in an interview request.
1) Your blog refers to food, art, music, bullfighting, and politics. How do these connect to Catholic Theology?

2) I understand that you are a graduate of the University of California's Santa Cruz campus. This campus is not exactly known as a bastion of conservative thought. How did your values system and the university work together during your years there?

3) You seem to be a talented cook as well as musician. Do you see a connection between the culinary and musical arts?

4) What prompted you to become a virtuoso in the kitchen?

5) Who would you personally like to see as the next Pope?

interview requests

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wow, I am overwhelmed. I have had 3 readers so far request a Fructus Ventris interview. I will try to get this as soon as I can, given my weird work schedule. I will send interviewees an email to let them know when the questions are up on my blog. Thanks for the interest!

interblog interview


BTW - if anyone would like to be interviewed by me, send me a private email and put interview me somewhere in the letter.

interblog interview

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I volunteered first, but Jeff Miller (Curt Jester) beat me to it. Oh well, it comes of two things:
1) I have a job that takes me out of circulation for long stretches (if I have a patient in labor, that is) and
2) When I got home from work Wednesday AM, it was to learn that Comcast had a major outage - for us that meant no telephone, no cable TV, and worst of all no ISP. I was very annoyed, especially since I had really wanted to hear the homily of the day on EWTN (my husband quoted me a line from it as I was driving home). Instead, I went to sleep! Anyhow, here are my answers.

Interview Questions

Alicia the Midwife at Fructus Ventris is the first courageous person to ask for an interview from the staff. So, here’s her interview questions

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