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Please pray

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I have a very good on-line friend, a member of the PCOS community, who is very early in pregnancy.
In 1991 she had an uneventful pregnancy, and that baby was later murdered by the baby's dad (my friend's first husband). She has also had at least one ectopic pregnancy.
A few years ago, she had a very preterm birth and the baby only lived a very short time. (Her now-husband is a gem, a wonderful man!)
Since then, she has been trying both to keep healthy (very difficult with PCOS) and to have another baby.
She just found out today that she is pregnant again - she had thought that this was an anovulatory cycle but lo and behold, there it is. She has a good HCG level and is on progesterone for her known luteal phase issues. She is just so scared that she will lose this baby too.
Please pray for her. Her name is Christina.

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