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from a reader - a wonderful story

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Grief, Gratitude and Baby Lee

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silent no more

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on this prayer request
I e-mailed you about a week (or week and a half ago) with a prayer request. I saw my OB-GYN this afternoon, and I'm not pregnant.

My doctor said we shouldn't worry yet, and that my irregular cycles may be acting up. He did say my uterus and ovaries are okay, so there's no chance the fibroids have returned. And I'm happy about that.

Needless to say, however, we're very disappointed in the situation. We have to put our faith in God that this wasn't the right time for us to be parents, and we will have the baby (and babies) we were meant to have when we were meant to have them.

Thank you for the prayers, and thank you to everyone who prayed and forwarded the request along. We appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.

the burden is the blessing?

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Arwen/Elizabeth: Lucky
food for thought.

more food for thought


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