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I haven't posted on Katrina, there are other bloggers who are doing a much better job. Go read Amy Welborn and follow the links she's posted. I'm just numb thinking about it. I've been through major natural disasters but I think this will be the manure at the bottom of the outhouse for quite some time.

My midwife friend Nancy (who is still unemployed thanks to her fervent pro-life and anti-contraception stance) has multiple members of her family in the New Orleans area. She has asked for prayers for them.

One of the docs in my practice was taking her son to start college at Tulane. Last we heard they were both in Houston. I wonder if Tulane will still even be there.

I have a few internet friends in the affected areas. I've been watching for their sig lines. So far, haven't heard. No news isn't always good news.

I feel blessed that we decided not to stay an extra night in Birmingham. As we were leaving, the clerks at the hotel told us that they expected to be full up that night with refugees. By leaving, we freed up a room for some one else.

I've been praying but I don't even have the words to phrase the prayers. It's been more:
Lord, help good to come from this tragedy. Lord, show us your will and your compassion.

addendum - katrina blogging from TTLB

news from Mark Shea



One of the things we did on vacation was to listen to Mark Shea on CD while driving the 2000 miles we racked up on the rental car. If the book is even half as good as the talk, we are all in for a treat. And knowing that the book (for me at least) is usually much better than any other form of information retrieval, well, I expect this to be 200 % better than the talk.
yee haw!!!

faith and salvation


feeling snarky

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I had a wretched day at work yesterday. I came the closest I ever have to turning into a screaming banshee that has ever happened in the nearly 5 years I have worked there. I am not proud of my behaviour or reactions, but at least I managed to get through the day without a total meltdown. It's a good thing I'm going to be away from there for over a week, I think. One of my staff is fighting some of the procedural changes (going to a new lab service, changing over to computer based charting) with incredibly effective passive aggression and I am beating my head against the wall trying to do my job in the face of this resistance. Pray for her, will you?

I'm calming down a bit after a good night's sleep and time with my hubby. Still I just realized how out of it I really am when I had a way out of line reaction to a random trigger. I really need to offer some of this up. Would you all pray for me please? We're flying out Tuesday. Flying in to Nashville, driving from there down to Memphis to our eldest daughter's place. Then Wednesday morning up to Lexington KY to my sister's and to visit my 91 y/o grandmother who is visiting my sister for a few weeks. Then back to Memphis to drop off daughter. Then (hopefully) down to tour EWTN and visit the shrine. Then back to Memphis for one last visit with dd and then back to Nashville to fly home. Haven't had any nibbles from fellow bloggers looking to try to meet up. Oh well. I guess that will have to wait for a Texas trip.

In case you are curious - the trigger for my snark attack this morning? It was seeing a writer who really should know better confuse discreet and discrete. Then reins and reigns. I really need to join a support group for recovering editors! And maybe I need to eat breakfast before hitting the blogs.........

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