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A letter from the bishop Bend Oregon


Bishop survives accident by the grace of a 'very loving God'
06/16/2005 Bishop Robert Vasa

BEND - It was a phenomenal, perhaps even sensational, accident and as far as I know, miraculously, no one was injured. The driver swerved left to avoid an unexpected deer, lost control and swerved back right, again overcompensating, and then swerved left again in a vain attempt to regain control. At that point in the road there were three lanes, and as the driver made his last swerve left, it appeared that it was impossible to avoid a head-on collision with an oncoming vehicle. That would have been very bad. A further swerve right would have ensured such a collision, and so the white Tahoe left the road at nearly 55 miles per hour at a 45 degree angle to the road, very possibly sideways. From there it appears that the Tahoe proceeded sideways and backwards down the steep 20-foot brush- and rock-lined embankment and at some point turned onto its roof for the remainder of the ride. This appears to have happened when, proceeding backward the Tahoe hit some large rock and most likely flipped lengthwise onto its roof. Then the ride mercifully stopped with the Tahoe resting on its top in the eight inches of water running in the creek at the bottom of the ditch into which no one would intentionally drive.

Please continue to pray


Abigail Witchalls told her baby is safe
This is the young woman who was early in her first trimester when she was viciously attacked. She and her baby still face quite an uphill struggle, but things are definitely improving.

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