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Speaking of Faith Is a public radio show that every week spotlights various men and women and their religious beliefs. In my opinion, it tends to be slanted towards New Age and "spiritual, not religious" ponts of view, but that could also just be an artifact of being on public radio. I am glad that they are soliciting input from the greater public, and I encourage you all to add your input. Click on the link below to speak your piece. The text below the link is from the site and is their explanation of what they are seeking.
Speaking of Faithョ from American Public Media

Share your personal reflections on the Catholic Church

Pope Benedict XVI will be making his first papal visit to the U.S. in April, to help revitalize and strengthen the U.S. church. He will be stopping in Washington D.C. and New York City to offer mass at Nationals Park and Yankee Stadium, visit the White House, and address the United Nations.

We're using the occasion as an opportunity to start a broad-ranging conversation about the rich tradition of Roman Catholicism -- its history, trajectory, and the contemporary issues Catholics are wrestling with. Although we often hear news stories about the Catholic Church, diverse practitioners of the faith have had little voice in telling their stories.

If you are or were Catholic, we'd like to hear your perspectives on what anchors and unsettles you in this vast tradition. We're also interested in the hopes and concerns you have for the church, now and into the future.

blessed easter to one and all

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As usual, a busy Holy week and Triduum. Three babies decided that last Monday was their birthday,and another one made his appearance after the Maundy Thursday liturgy. Thankfully, I was able to finish out the service and then head over to meet his mom who was then in very active labor!
It is so strange not to have colored Easter Eggs or been hunting for baskets....with all the children elsewhere this year it has been just the two of us. Peaceful but different.
I am getting ready to start cooking dinner. Rack of lamb, fingerling potatoes, haricots vert.... and a nice rose wine to go along. The Good Friday snow is melting, too. Hope my rhubarb survived the winter and will start sprouting soon.

Watch her grow!!!

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The Birth Plan From Hell

I am not opposed to the concept of developing a birth plan, as it can help families sort out what their priorities are and can help them communicate these priorities. In a typical birth, there are lots of choices that can be made on the spot, too. But I don't think that anyone likes to feel hamstrung by unreasonable demands. Of course, my idea of an unreasonable demand could be very different from yours....
I don't think that moms in labor should be starved or strapped down - but there are circumstance where that is what seems to be needed (rare, but real). Say a mom who is bleeding a lot and it's a toss up cesarean vs normal birth.....

no big surprise here

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Fish devastated by sex-changing chemicals in municipal wastewater | Science Blog
A new concern ecologically is the NuvaRing contraceptive, which has these chemicals embedded in a silicone ring. In order to be sure that there is a high enough level of the hormones to last for the minimum period of 3 weeks, extra is usually required. When the ring is removed, the user is supposed to put it back into the foil pouch and put it in the trash. But there is no guarantee that is what happens. I have been told by patients that they just flushed the ring down the toilet.......
Here is another article on the topic (with commentary)

midwifery in iowa


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