picture day for emma

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This is a really bad cellphone picture, but it is what I could get. Today has been what I have been calling picture day. She has been getting ultrasound pix of various parts, and x-rays, and later today an MRI. Part of this is the genetics workup and part is just routine for her conditions.

She has been doing really well today. She has slept well with minimal fussy periods, and she is calming and soothing more easily than even two days ago. She has also had periods of quiet alertness where she just seems to be taking in everything. She definitely recognizes her mother's voice and touch. Her NG tube is showing minimal drainage and she has been peeing and pooping, both of which are very good things. I am hoping that they will soon feel comfortable starting her on real feedings.


Wow, she is such a cutie! She looks absolutely kissable! It sure seems like she will lead a fairly normal life even with her problems at birth. I hope so anyway, I will keep praying for mom, baby, and grandma. She just looks so alert and grown up in her little t-shirt! Not like a newborn at all. You are so blessed. Congratulations!


I have been watching and praying for you, Emma, and Emma's mom.

Emma is a beautiful little girl, and clearly very loved (which I think they can sense, hence her excellent condition).

Thinking about how amazing this whole story is brings tears to my eyes. I cannot wait to watch Emma grow.

Continued prayers are with you and yours. Not that you'd need reminding - but please keep posting pictures!

God bless!

If that's a bad picture, a good one might be TOOOO cute. Still praying.

Hi Alicia,

Your granddaughter is just beautiful! I will be praying that she will continue to grow stronger. :-)

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