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We'll all keep praying!
Cardinal Newman on the path to beatification
BBC's coverage
Father Paul Chavasse, the Provost of Birmingham Oratory, which was founded by Newman in 1848, said that a deacon in the Diocese of Boston in the United States had testified that he had recovered from a spinal disease after praying to Cardinal Newman. “At last we have a miracle cure,” he said.

I'm sure that Quenta Narwenian is dancing with glee!


To obtain the Beatification of
John Henry Cardinal Newman

God our Father,
your servant John Henry Newman
upheld the faith by his teaching and example.

May his loyalty to Christ and the Church,
his love of the Immaculate Mother of God,
and his compassion for the perplexed

give guidance to the Christian people today.

We beg you to grant the favors we ask
through his intercession
so that his holiness may be recognized by all
and the Church may proclaim him a saint.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.


Please report any favors received to:

The Vice-Postulator
The Oratory, Birmingham
B16 8UE

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