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Elena points out a cool site with a really interesting name. It looks to be hosted by an MTV personality and I think it is a real alternative to PP's site TeenWire.
John and I were having an interesting conversation in the car Sunday on our way to church, and I said something that he told me I need to blog. The sad thing, I can't remember what it was and we have been so run-around crazy this week that I haven't even remembered to ask him. Do you think St Anthony can help me find a lost thought?
Sorry I've been scarce lately. Last week was totally crazy - Thursday was John's company Christmas party.We finally got our tree Sunday just ahead of the storm. It's sitting in the living room totally naked still. Monday I picked up our eldest daughter at the airportand got home with her just in time to go to part one of the High School winter concerts. I have to say, the Chamber singers of which my daughter is an alto, did a stunning rendition of Adoramus Te Christe as well as a 16th century Spanish carol (Riu Riu Chiu) and several other lovely pieces - in 4 to 8 part harmony - most of them a capella and only one in English (Dave Brubeck's Take Five, which does btw have words he wrote). Last night was the BIG concert at the Capitol Center for the Performing Arts - The full orchestra, the concert band, the concert choir (the non-auditioned group). I was able to get one of the docs to cover for me to drive the one hour home to hear dear daughter's orchestra play (she is a section leader in the cellos) and to join in singing the Hallelujah Chorus at the end. Went back to the house to grab a bite to eat, and then the pager went off. Hightailed it the hour's drive back south just in time - arrived at the same time as my patient did. She was 8 cm, and an hour later she was holding her precious daughter. What a night!
If I don't make it back to you all before then, have a happy and holy Christmas.
And maybe, just maybe, after Christmas I will blog on some of the more depressing news stories that I have been confronted with. But right now it is the season of hope.


Have a blessed Christmas, Alicia - I'm looking forward to the new year and for all of who are normally much wittier and wiser in our blogs to get back to the task at hand! I don't think I can do another quiz to save my life, so I've taken to posting poetry. We'll all get through the next few days with, I hope, much love and fun, and come back together to share the joy.

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