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A sad update on the MacFarlanes. please pray!
The court removed Bai Macfarlane's custody yesterday, because she wouldn't quit homeschooling her kids DESPITE the psychologist's finding that they seemed to be thriving. And last evening, what a scary thing, Bud Macfarlane arrived with police escort to take the kids away permanently. Picture here
I don't know if anything can be done at this point(snip) but with God all things are possible.
Why are homeschooling and breastfeeding considered grounds to take your kids, in a custody battle, instead of hallmarks of good mothering?


This is so sad. And it's not the first time I've seen parents mutually decide on homebirth, breastfeeding, homeschooling etc. and then the father goes to court and uses these things as evidence that there is something really, really wrong with the mother. It makes me wonder about men.....not all men, but some.

What is the matter with that awful man!!!
This whole situation enrages me.

Poor,poor Bai. What she must be going through!
Why isn't anyone coming to her rescue?

Please God, help her.


Finding it hard not to wish bad thing on that awful Bud.

But is anyone asking themselves, why didn't she protect her children from this horror by ENROLLING THEM IN SCHOOL?? She KNEW the court would take the boys away if she defied the order and continued to homeschool! She KNEW it would be traumatizing for these boys to be dragged out of their mother's arms? Why didn't she care enough to spare her children this trauma?

The court's own psychologist found that the Mrs had done an "excellent" job educating them. She was the custodial parent, and one would think that her preferences for their education could be respected. The kids have already suffered huge disruptions in their home life. Why should they be forced to, on top of all those other changes, switch to a model of schooling that's totally new to them? Why must the one who's not even seeking the divorce be the one to bend?

How horrible!

Personally I think if homeschooling is best for a kid, and the parents can do it well, then it's fine - the point is what is best for the kid, yes? However, I can sort of understand how it can be made to seem sinister... but breastfeeding? How bizarre! I suppose it can go either way, though, my girlfriend chose not to breastfeed and she's been called everything from vain to selfish to evil by women in her church.

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