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My youngest is having surgery tomorrow to remove a cyst on her wrist. She has been in pretty constant pain for 6 months now, and has continued to play her cello and do all her other stuff despite the pain. We are hoping and praying that the surgery will ultimately help her and be worth the short term increase in pain and the temporary disability of healing. Please hold her surgical team up in prayer for tomorrow that things go smoothly.


I had a cyst removed from my wrist as well. I hope that the surgery goes well. Tell your daughter to try and think happy thoughts before they put her to sleep. It will make waking up much easier.

I'll offer my prayers for your daughter at mass tonight.

My oldest had back surgery twice in one year. He was 5 years old and I was a wreck. But he flew through it and was up walking in three days. It would have taken an adult much, much longer than that to recoup. Children are so resilient! Prayers for your child here.

Will be praying...

Absolutely! I'll offer up my evening prayer for her and her medical team.....

Dear Alicia,

Any news? How did things go?



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