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Theology of the Body talk

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Today we went to a talk by Christopher West. This was the short one "Introduction to the Theology of the Body". Last year, John and I attended a video series on Created and Redeemed at a local parish. And we have both also listened to the 10 CD set "Naked Without Shame". We like what we are hearing in the Theology of the Body, and while Pope John-Paul II's original writings are the bedrock, they are dense (like all good bedrock) and so it is easier to start the study with an engaging and knowledgeable speaker like Mr. West.
He's even better in person than he is on-screen.
Let me just share a few tidbits.
"When we reclaim the truth, we need to be prepared for a raging spiritual battle." (So true. I have a friend whose life has been falling apart, her family under attack, ever since she decided that she really needed to not only follow Catholic sexual teachings personally but to apply them to her professional life.)
"The scriptures tell us to gird our loins with the Truth, not with latex" (about the lies that the Father of Lies would have us believe about preventing the spread of AIDS - among other lies)
"If the task of the 20th century was to rid itself of the Christian sexual ethic, the task of the 21st century must be to reclaim it" (how true!!!)

Lots of good stuff. I wish that I could remember all the insights that popped up. But if you get a chance to hear Mr. West speak, do it!

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