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I love Bishop Vasa!


02/17/2006: Christ is reassuring and humble, as well as powerful, mighty

The primacy of conscience only applies to a properly formed conscience. Dr. John Rock (one of the inventors of the birth control pill) maintained to his death that his personal conscience trumped the clear teaching of the church - and stated that he was taught this by the priest who was the hero of his youth. So very sad........

Vatican investigates liturgical abuse


wonderful jesuit saints


Why be Catholic?


I'm going to be giving a testimony and teaching to the entire Confirmation I class (that's nearly 100 people between the kids and all the other small group teachers). I'm going to take my prepared speech and edit a little bit for those of you who have been waiting impatiently for me to finish telling my conversion story. You don't have to go back to part one to make sense of part two - I've repeated a few items to make it readable alone. But if you want to, part one is here.
I hope to have it edited and posted some time in the next few days. I'm also working on a few other items, will get them up as the spirit moves me. I have a little bit more time available the next 2 mondays, as choir rehearsal is on hiatus till the 20th. Of course, I have all kinds of other stuff that I'm supposed to be doing - but some how writing is more fun than housework.

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