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Bishop Bruskewitz

I have always been impressed with the good bishop when I have seen him on TV or heard him on the radio. He and a few others seem to me to be the distilled essence of bishop-ness. Holy, humble, pastoral and obedient. May God in His Mercy send us many more such shepherds!

aonther wonderful tale


Questions for you all

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How would you feel if your child's High School religion teacher quoted from Dan Brown's book Angels and Demons in an effort to make a point using "contemporary culture"?

What do you all think should be the overarching and underlying goal of young adult religious education?

Do you think that "christian" versions of contemporary music are more helpful than not in reaching teens and young adults?

Do you think that it would be more helpful or harmful to expose teens to JP2's "Theology of the Body" in religious ed?

Do you think that these young adults would be interested in the early church fathers? In the historical reasons for Catholicism? In philosophy, art, and culture?

Inquiring minds want to know.

We are losing many of our best young folks. I am trying to figure out why, and if there is any way to reverse the trend from within High School religious ed, even among those kids who are only there because of parental pressure. I recognize that many of these parents were also not well catechized and may, in fact, be among the large group of cafeteria catholics.

beauty and faith

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I'm a convert. I love to read, hear, and experience other's stories of their conversion. And also what comes after conversion - the much harder struggle to keep to the path.
The Good Wine shows just a bit of why we keep it up.

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