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Keep praying

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(A friend sent this to me and asked me to post it. Please feel free to disseminate it widely and to pray it as well).
St. Jude, the Church honors you universally as the patron of things
despaired of. Today we ask for your help at a moment of great need. The
hour is late; the night deepens. We beseech you, glorious apostle; use
your special place in heaven to pray that the life of Terry Schaivo be

St. Faustina, Apostle of the Divine Mercy, in life you taught us that
Jesus is limitless love and unfathomable mercy. Pray with us, that
Christ's tender mercy be upon Terry Schaivo. Jesus, we trust in you.

Archangel Michael, we seek your aid. The forces of darkness come ever
near another victory. We have reached the last bastion and our forces
are nearly spent. We ask that you come to the defense of Terry Schaivo.
Shield her from the forces of evil that seduce the hearts of men.

Mary, ever Virgin, we pray for your help. By the words of your Son we
know you to be our mother and the mother of Terry Schaivo. Hold our dear
sister and her family close to your heart. Pray with us, Holy Mother of
God, that her life be spared and health restored.

All the angels and saints in Heaven, please, pray with us.

Almighty and eternal God, healer of those who trust in you, hear our
prayers for Terry Schaivo. If it be your will, spare her life. Restore
her to health, that she may give you thanks and praise with her own
voice, and thus be a symbol to all the world of the sacred nature of
life. We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen

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while I was lolling around this weekend


there has been a fascinating discussion of the heresy of Universalism over at Flos Carmeli.
Drop by and join the conversations

Crown of creation?

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I've been listening my way through a 10 CD set of Christopher West expounding on the Pope's Theology of the Body. I keep hearing humanity referenced as the "Crown of Creation". Does anyone know from whence that reference originates? I am sure that it has been around for a while, but the phrase is not to be found in the Bible. Is it used in some of the early Church Fathers? Or maybe some more recent theologians?
Part of what piqued my interest is that I have been thinking about euthanasia, especially of the perinatal sort. It has become so very common in our culture to commit prenatal euthanasia (aborting babies with birth defects) that even many who are otherwise opposed to abortion find nothing objectionable in this. It is often included in the 'hard cases' that also usually include rape, incest, and maternal health issues.

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