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Amy Welborn has a GREAT idea


Monday Morning commentary on Sunday's liturgy. GO there. Participate.

check out the pix of the march for life


The elephant in the living room


pop quiz from the netherworld

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So You Call Yourself Catholic?
I won't embarass myself by posting my score!

ponder this

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As sinners, we often walk a tightrope between presuming on God's mercy and despairing of our salvation.

please pray for Lee Anne


over at Such Small Hands. Her kidney is giving out.

Why indeed?


Why be Catholic?
Yesterday I was driving my back from dropping my daughter off for her driving lesson, and happened to catch the tail end of an NPR show (I think it was Talk of the Nation) discussing the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)' s recent statement on same sex unions and ordination. Apparently the statement was very waffly - and the host read an email that was something to the effect of "What should a member of ELCA do if the local congregation was determined to ignore the obvious scriptural condemnation of same sex sexual relationships"?
Now, obviously, I missed the context here, and I haven't yet gone back to listen to the whole thing, but I find myself getting increasingly impatient on this and other issues of moral and biblical theology. I just wanted to say the that listener (and to like-minded, faithful Christians of all stripes who are baffled by how obviously their sola scriptura churches are ignoring scripture) COME HOME!
Surfing around the blogosphere, I found this entry from Philip Blosser - published last week - that is one of the best single entries I have read on why Anglicans should consider crossing the Tiber. I couldn't have said it better.

Press release
His letter of resignation
I pray that there might be such a movement in at least one pastor here in New Hampshire!

While I have been lazing around

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Mr. Luse has been having quite a conversation about the perennial problem of suffering and evil in t his world.

salvation and fractal math


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