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Quis custodiet ipses custodies


Kobayashi Maru: Morning Quick Picks Friday mentioned a story that I heard about from one of the nurses at work yesterday. I had a hard time believing it was true. But apparantly it is. The US government has decided to outsource port security to a company from the United Arab Emirate.

I don't know why, but the first thing I thought of upon reading this was of all the scrap metal that we sold to Japan at low prices in the 1930s.

culture wars etc

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I was listening to a piece this morning on NPR about Poland's attempts to influence the European Union towards a more Christian worldview. It reminded me of something I had heard yesterday on EWTN, I think on the rerun of Fr. Groeschel live - defining the term Culture War and giving the etymology of the term. Then I found a link to Enchiridion Militis over at Apologia. It all fits together, somehow.

wonderful story!


I was just now listening to a news item on NPR's Weekend Edition, Saturday. It concerned an organization called the St. Joseph of Arimithea society at St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland OH.
Link will follow when it becomes available. If you live someplace where your local NPR stations runs the program on the refeed, listen for the story starting around :32 of the first hour of programming.

Scott Simon interviewed a junior at the high school. The student explained that the society was formed in order to perform one of the seven corporal works of mercy, that is to bury the dead. The society provides students who act as pallbearers and assist at funerals for persons whose extended family is not available of non-existent. The student being interviewed also explained that the school had a strong committment to putting their faith into action (my phrase,not his)and already had programs for the other works of mercy.

At the end, Mr. Simon asked the student to list the other 6 corporal works of mercy, which the student did with great ease.

Udate: here is the link

Dan Sklenka is a member of the St. Joseph of Arimathea Pallbearer Society at St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland. As a public service, students at Ohio school help staff funerals that lack pallbearers. Sklenka tells Scott Simon about the activity.

Hats off to St. Ignatius High School, the Joseph of Arimithea society, and NPR for running the story.

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