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You can reach NPR here. You can also contact the ombudsman if you have general concerns about programming (including bias in reporting styles).

NPR : Struggling Filipinos Denied Family Planning Options

by Michael Sullivan
Morning Edition, June 28, 2005 Poor women in the Philippines are finding it harder to get access to contraceptives and family planning methods. The government won't permit distribution at public health clinics, and some private clinics are closing.

tTe Kaiser Family Foundation quotes the report here. I am concerned that this report is not as in depth as it should be. I am trying to compose my own letter to NPR, but I think that it would be good for all who care about this topic to also chime in. Feel free to send me a copy of your letter if you so choose. (or put it in the comments box).
If you decide to write to NPR, I suggest that you compose your letter on your own word processing software, and then cut and paste to their email interface. I once lost a lengthy letter when the computer dumped me off the internet in mid-send.

just arrived in the mail


from Requiem Press
The Two Towers by John Meehan
I'm holding off reading it, want to John read it first.

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