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the medium, the message

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My husband is in media - radio to be specific. He is not on the 'talent' end (though I find him to be very talented!) - he is in tech support (so-to speak). He and I have had several conversations about techniques that various media use to put forth a point of view, while seeming to be 'fair and balanced'. I keep hoping that he will write a longer post on the topic, but he is a much more careful writer than I am, and won't put something out there until he is sure that he has it right. It's a virtue, I think, but it isn't mine. Anyhow, this newspaper article is about the recent announcement by the Pontificator (referenced below). Read it through - and then think about how that last paragraph might affect the casual reader.

new issue is up

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Boycott called for Ebay
Tom Serafin, founder of the Los Angeles-based International Crusade for Holy Relics, is calling on Catholics to boycott Ebay

Lots of other good articles, too.

attention librarian friends


Bill White is discussing a project that I think would benefit from a librarian's input. See here for details.

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