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An Atlantia ob-gyn on abortion, Kerry & the Catholic Church.

Nothing really new here, but still worth reading.

Do you ever have days like this?

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There are days when I run up against a brick wall, in that there are world views that are so totally different from what I value as a Catholic Christian. It is hard to quantify, but it has to do with the 'of course' reaction to various day in and day out events.
For example, I was reading a blurb about a restauranteur in the Boston area. It mentioned early on that she had twin children, that her business partner was her ex-husband, and my 'of course' reaction was "Oh well, too bad they didn't work on keeping the marriage going, but at least they are an example to the children of one kind of partnership". But at the end of the article, I learned that the children were the product of artificial insemination with an anonymous donor. Excuse me? Did I read that right? Yep - she wanted children and heard her biological clock ticking to she just went and did it - high tech style. I don't know and would not presume to guess why she didn't have children while married. I was just flabbergasted that what once would have been a private issue now becomes a tidbit in a fairly humdrum nnews feature.
I have some others that come to mind, but I am having trouble figuring out how to share them without compromising the privacy of some of those involved. I'm not out to pass judgement - that is for God and I'm not He! I just want to try to share how every so often I am brought up short by the contrast and disparity between Catholic moral and social values, and the commonly accepted cultural values.
I was talking to a medical student about OB/Gyn docs like Dr. Hilgers, who do not prescribe artificial hormones for any purpose, including contraception, cycle regulation, etc. I was mentioning this in passing when discussing how that caused him to do a lot of research into the female cycle, and how to support rather than suppress that cycle. The student expressed the opinion that it was 'unethical and cruel' for a doctor to impose his judgement on women by refusing to prescribe contraception. I was taken aback - I don't know why - and wasn't able to whip out my usual snappy reply about it being unethical to prescribe dangerous drugs when there is a safer alternative. It was just such a knee-jerk reaction on the student's part. I did point out that this doctor is perfectly up-front about his practices, and that patients do have the right to choose to see or to avoid him.
These moments have a way of making me think about the upcoming election. Maybe the Second Coming is at hand. Maybe we will all meet on the fields of Armageddon. Last I heard, the Sox were ahead in game 3.
Addendum - Dawn Eden posts a letter from a reader that says what I was trying to say, only much much better!

Red Sox Nation

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We WON!!!!!! At the stroke of midnight, at that! The Sox go to the series!

political solicitation

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What follows in the extended entry is something I got in my mailbox today. I am somewhat surprised that it wasn't left in a comments box.
I admit, I am somewhat intrigued by anyone who admits to being a cafeteria catholic. So I went over to the site and looked over their poll. Whoa, the way those questions are phrased are so loaded that I am incredulous. One of the best ways to bias a poll is to phrase your questions so that the answers will be what the pollster's financing wants it to be.
I haven't taken the time to really look into this organization. But I thought that some of the more political among you might be interested in investigation.
Oh, and the results they gave me don't really agree with how I intend to vote, either. It is all in the weighting of the possible answers.

on the debate


Other bloggers have done a really good job talking about the substantial issues, and I will defer to their commentary. see
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