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Posted: Aug. 27, 2004
1. Most students entering college this fall were born in 1986.
2. Desi Arnaz, Orson Welles, Roy Orbison, Ted Bundy, Ayatollah Khomeini and Cary Grant have always been dead.
3. "Heeeere's Johnny!" is a scary greeting from Jack Nicholson in the movie "The Shining," not a warm welcome from Ed McMahon on "The Tonight Show."
4. The Energizer bunny has always been going, and going, and going.
5. Large fine-print ads for prescription drugs have always appeared in magazines.
6. Photographs have always been processed in an hour or less.
7. They never got a chance to drink 7-Up Gold, Crystal Pepsi or Apple Slice.
8. Baby Jessica McClure, the Texas toddler rescued from a well in 1987, could be a classmate.
9. Parents may have been reading "The Bourne Supremacy" or "It" as they rocked them in their cradles.
10. Alan Greenspan has always been setting the nation's financial direction.

McGreevey's resignation


TSO has a nice alternative version of his resignation speech. I have been thinking about this event, and wishing that the Governor would have had the courage to speak the truth in a way that would have glorified God, rather than pandering to our culture or his own disordered attractions.
I had this fantasy of him saying something like the following. (shades of the prodigal son)

Good Afternoon. I have come before you to confess that I am a grievous sinner, that I have sinned against my wife and against you have entrusted me to govern you. I have violated my marriage vows and have indulged my lust for another man. I am not worthy of the trust that she or you have placed in me. I will take just enough time to try to get the Governor's house in order, and will resign effective that date. In the meanwhile, I am placing myself under the spiritual direction of ******* and will be starting a lengthy penance, and trying to restore some of the trust I so foolishly squandered. Please pray for me and for those I have hurt through my foolish and selfish sin.

not likely, but one can always hope and pray.

After his novena for the Assumption


Nathan posts What I've Learned
Worth reading. Keep him in prayer.

He's back


With a wonderfully insightful post about the a nation of rapists and the culture of use


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My daughter is taking AP Modern European History this year (she is a junior). She will have two textbooks, one of which we are required to buy (in a public school, no less!). It is Palmer, R. R.; Colton, Joel; Kramer, Lloyd, A History of the Modern World . The other was not a required purchase, but the teacher included an excerpt from it and I was so excited that I decided to purchase it as well. It is Barr, Stringfellow The Pilgrimage of Western Man. 1st edition 1947, revised 1962 - it seems to be a very Catholic history of Europe. Have any of you homeschoolers read these books or used them? The Barr seems like an excellent find, especially since I could get it at abebooks for under $10.
BTW, abebooks is my favorite on-line used book store. Their prices are reasonable, their search engine is very usable, and they have always been reasonable to work with.

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