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Comfort Literature

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Don, Steven Riddle, and TSO have all posted on what Teachout called "total comfort reading (which I guess is the Mac N Cheese and mashed potatoes of ink and paper).
I have to confess that I have LOTS of books that I curl up with on those occasions. The two genres that I tend towards for comfort reading are science fiction and children's literature. I have found that the juveniles by R.A. Heinlein meet my needs on both counts. Hence, I have practically memorized some of them, given that I have been reading and re-reading said books since age 7 (that's 42 years, folks). I also enjoy reading Madeline L'Engel's juveniles, with one exception. House like a Lotus I find terribly disturbing and I wonder if she was influenced by a desire to be more 'hip' and 'with it' in this book than in her previous young adult fiction.
If I want to read previously unread stuff for comfort, I am very fond of "The Cat Who" series of murder mysteries, true medical stuff (Like Oliver Sachs and similar writers) and Harlequin Romances by Betty Neels. A weird assortment, I know.
How about you folks? What all do you read for comfort?

a neighor asked me

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to post a link to his project, Open Source Shakespeare. Eric Johnson over at Catholic Light, specifically asked me to let you all know about this site.
It looks like it might be a great resource for homeschoolers and scholars. Let him know if you access it and what you think!
Oh, and Eric is also an Iraq veteran and a fairly new dad, if I remember correctly!

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