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an interview worth reading

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From Marie Bellet, a musician worth supporting.

a few wedding pix

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on the extended entry
A few more details:
The reception food was all made by the Matron of Honor with a little help from friends. The cake was a carrot cake with Bride and Groom gourds instead of little dolls. The music at the reception was 1) Koto music played by one of the brides 2) Tuvan throat singing by her husband and 3) An old-time fiddler who played 19th century traditional celebration songs.
The other bride and groom both recently graduated from UC Davis with degrees in ethnomusicology.
Dancing at the wedding was to the fiddler - and we did a reel (Virginia style).
Baby Emma was very well-behaved. She has learned how to roll over now and is cooing and babbling.

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