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poor saint joseph!

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I've had people suggest that we bury a statue of St. Joseph on our property as a way to help the house be sold. I am reluctant to do this, as it strikes me as being more superstitious than pious. I am not opposed to invoking the help of the saints as appropriate, but maybe praying a novena would be better than burying a statue. What do you think?
Last Friday, one of the women in our cursillo group asked us when we wanted to the house to sell by. We told her Friday (that's tomorrow). We thought that we might have a buyer, but they decided to make an offer on a different house. I want God to send us the right buyer, one who will appreciate the quirks of this place. One who will harvest the vegetables we will leave behind and not curse at them for not being lawn. But it really is out of our hands.
In the meanwhile, life continues. Youngest child gets on the airplane later today to take her off to college-land. After 32 years of parenting, I guess that we are officially empty-nesters - unless someone rebounds. It could happen. And of course, parents never stop praying for and worrying about their kidlets, even when said offspring are taller and faster than the parents!

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