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Love in the time of combat

My husband found this on Rebecca's blog and told me I had to stop everything and read it. He was right. Be sure to also read the comments. The original entry is 4500 words, so give yourself some time.

I knew from a very young age that the most important thing for me was to be a mommy. I refused to date guys who didn't like children - and it was easy to test the guys. I simply brought them to my house and asked them to keep an eye on a sibling or two.

I knew that there were other things I would be called to - but motherhood was #1. I don't wear make-up, don't buy fancy shoes, don't understand 'fashion' at all. But I still managed to find a man to marry who, after 31 years plus, still keeps me warm at night. Not bad, not bad at all.

so true!

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Dear Alicia
We are in the very beginnings of preparations to hold a diocesan wide NFP awareness weekend for the Hispanic Ministers of Youth and Marriage here in Phoenix. The idea was brought forth to have a few stories read (or shared in print, don't know yet) to the audience, about couples that found the true meaning of responsible parenthood once they began to use NFP.

I am in charge of collecting the witness of as many couples as I can. Would any of you be interested in writing a couple of paragraphs for that purpose?

The main idea should be "what does responsible parenthood mean to me/us (the couple)?" and "what made me/us change to NFP and keeps me/us there?" Only two paragraphs are needed.

Please let me know if you would like your name to be acknowledged in the story you sent, or if I need to credit you with any phrase or idea(s) and I will be more than happy to do it. Your paragraph of course, will be translated into Spanish (unless you are able to write it in Spanish yourself!)
Thank you
Armida Escarcega
Please, send your story directly to Armida, not to me!

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