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Just down the road from me


We're Here for Life - Pro-Life Rally October 27!

I won't be there, though, as I will be in Eugene OR that day to see my #4 child get married.....

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flash flood
I was on call Monday August 6 - that is from 0700 to 0700 the next day. That night, it started in with lightning and thunder so close that it sounded like I was inside a fireworks display. Of course, the pager went off - a patient needed to go to the hospital. I told them to go but to please be careful, and tried to get back to sleep for a few minutes, knowing that it was probably going to be a long night.
A little later, I decided I needed to get to the hospital - so headed out as usual, wipers going full tilt. This hospital is 2 1/2 miles away - usually a 5minute drive. Well, I tried. I needed to go north, and every road I usually took was flooded at the low point. At one point I was stuck on a high spot in the road, between the not as shallow spot I had foolishly driven through and a near torrent. I called the hospital and gave orders over the phone, and told them that I was stuck. Eventually the water receded a bit and I tried again but had to turn back, and eventually (about two hours later) made my circuitous way back home. By morning, the waters had gone down enough that I was able to get to the hospital and eventually to the office. I did a lot of praying, that's for sure.

Boston Catholic Women's Update


Erika Bachiochi Speaking in Lynnfield, Sunday May 21
Erika Bachiochi, a keynote speaker at the 2006 Boston Catholic Women's Conference, is speaking at the Adult Formation Series at St. Maria Goretti Parish in Lynnfield.

Her topic is "Women & The Church: Defining A Feminism of Faith. "

Sunday, May 21, 6:00-8:00 PM
St. Maria Goretti
112 Chestnut St.
Lynnfield, MA

About Erika - Erika Bachiochi is the editor of and contributor to "The Cost of 'Choice': Women Evaluate the Impact of Abortion" (Encounter Books,2004). A lawyer and theologian living outside of
Boston, Erika has lectured at top colleges and law schools and was the
keynote speaker at Boston’s first Women’s Conference earlier this Spring. She is the full-time mother of three young children.
For more information, contact Jaymie at (781) 334-2367 or
Click here for the event poster. -

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