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Happy Easter, all


When we left the house this morning, I noticed that the last of our bulbs had bloomed. Our front yard is cheery and that helps me.

Morning Mass today was wonderful, even the music was mostly well chosen. It was definitely well-played - there was a small string group with back up from piano or organ. Two cellos, a few violas, several violins - and all of these were played by teenagers who gave up big chunks of their free time to rehearse and prepare. Standing room only in the church. Incense, a sung Gloria, the dialogue chanted. I wish that more just plain Sunday Masses could have some of the beauty that is pulled out for Easter. But then I imagine that my family would appreciate it if I would pull out all the stops for just plain Sunday dinner more often, and not just on Easter! food for thought......
This year, instead of my traditional lamb, I cooked a turkey. We had in the freezer a free-range organic local turkey. I marinated it while it was thawing. I used a mixture of oil, white wine, garlic, salt, turmeric and various herbs. It came out very well, if I do say so myself. I pulled out my personal favorite relish - the sorbet style one with cranberries, onions, horseradish, and sour cream. Accompaniments were mashed white potatoes, brown sugar sweet potatoes, steamed carrot coins, asparagus, and broccoli. I made a loaf of challah bread, and John and I shared a small amount of Asti Spumante - mostly because I had it on hand! Later tonight we will have lemon icebox pie (a family recipe) and pumpkin pie (at the request of the girl-child, I made it using almond milk instead of cream - we will see how it turned out). Also ice cream and sundry other goodies.
Hope you all had blessed and yummy Easters.

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