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Tuesday we took in all the last veges from the garden in anticipation of a killing frost. I have a basket of green tomatoes and green peppers and one lonely eggplant. The flowers on the eggplants will probably end up dying off, but I couldn't bear to uproot the plants yet.
I know that I usually put up a fairly long and thought out post most Thursdays, but today I probably won't. You see, it is my baby's 16th birthday today, and I have lots of other stuff to get done. I promised her that I would make it down to see at least part of her Cross-country meet this afternoon, and she is having a passel of friends over tomorrow for California style tacos, so I have to excavate the house a little more today.
October 5th was another milestone - my next to the youngest child turned 21.
Where did the years go?

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